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This Calendar Box 'Oribana: Floral Ballet' 2018 will help you to keep up with the times, decorate your desk and be practical as well by storing pens and pencils! The calendar displays beautiful miniature compositions - 'Solo', 'Woodland Spirit' and 'Floral Ballet' from Oribana Collections.

Oriland Calendar Box
Printing Info

Sheets of paper required: One page
Paper type: Plain/Bright White Paper (20-24lb | 80g/m2) or Photo Quality Paper (about 27lb | 100g/m2)
Paper Size: Letter or A4
Print Quality: High
Orientation: Landscape
Format: PDF
Print Type: Normal-Size Printing
Page Scaling: None

Download Letter size (1.7 MB)

Download A4 size (1.7 MB)

How to fold the Calendar Box
ORIGAMI SKELETONS - download instantly paper_railway_train oriland_balloon_ride origami_mini_library